What Learnerships are Offered by Different SETAS ?

What Learnerships are Offered by Different SETAS ?

SETA Career Opportunities

The citizen of South African need to learn new skills and seek suitable work, so SETA is the perfect place to deliver these and to aid in stabilizing economy while promoting a workforce which is skilled. Every year, thousands people of matriculates have enter the workforce but only 10% find the suitable work. SETA learnerships deliver the candidates new skills and gives them to be better prepared to enter the workforce. Because of a shortage of skills, South Africa has more than 4 million people which are unemployed.

List of SETAs

Here are part of SETA that may offer some learnerships : INSETA, Chieta, ETDP SETA, LGSETA, Sasseta, Merseta, Services SETA, Agriseta, HWSETA, EWSETA, MICTSETA, W&R SETA, FP&M SETA, CETA, MQA, FoodBev, and other SETAs. With the help which is provided by SETA learnerships, and all the sectors that they see the following:

  • You must have higher levels of skilled workers
  • You must have a balancing of the supply and demand in the workforce
  • You must have in-service training which is providing education through diverse and flexible routes
  • You must have a wider choice of career options
  • Education quality is improved, delivering better skilled workers
  • You must have a stabilizing in the economy because more individual will receive an income
  • You have to get better communications between public and private sectors
  • You must have higher productivity in all sectors