Social Development Learnerships in South Africa

Social Development Learnerships in South Africa

Are you looking for a social developmentlearnership? Social development revolves around the well-being, growth, and participation of individuals. It involves real hands-on work and requires candidates who love working with people to assist them to move forward in life and reach their full potential.

Companies Offering Social Development Learnerships

There are quite a few companies that offer learnerships within this field. Candidates can have a look at the companies listed below and others advertising such opportunities.

Department of Labor Learnership
Department of Health (Kwazulu NatalNorth WestPolokwane)
Department of Social Development

Career Options for Social Development Learnerships

Career fields in this line of work are plenty and candidates can look at the latest learnerships listed here and many others.

  • Social worker
  • Child Care
  • Family Planning
  • Media Relations
  • Counselor
  • Media relations
  • Office administration
  • Child Development

Every field provided in social development revolves around healing communities, assisting families, children and the elderly. Many opportunities may also require candidates to work in rural areas, traveling and more.

Social Development Learnerships Requirements

There are some requirements that all companies will have and we have provided some of them here but there may be more. Candidates can find all the needed information and requirements with each company they are considering to apply to.